Taylor Studios Inc. - Exhibit Design and Fabricaton

Who is Taylor Studios, Inc?

Who is Taylor Studios, Inc? We’re glad you were wondering! TSI was founded in 1991 out of a passion for natural history and business (what a combination!). While our projects have included interpreting everything from battlefields to watersheds to Native Americans to tidal marshes our passion is for scenic immersive environments like Sinnemahoning State Park Wildlife Center and the National World War I Museum.

All our decisions are driven by our mission and core values. The clients who hire us have similar core values and appreciate the rare balance our team offers: creativity and time-tested processes and procedures that maintain project schedules and budgets. Proven project management and financial processes are essential to smooth-running projects. An unprecedented five-year warranty is the cherry on top.

Taylor Studios Goes Green
It never made much sense to design and build natural history exhibits using environmentally harsh products. Therefore, Taylor Studios created a database of materials and the green alternatives that exist making specing green products easy for our designers. Several of our exhibit projects have been in buildings that were LEED certified so we have experience working within those guidelines.

We also look into more ways to be environmentally friendly around the office. We try to use conference calls and video conferences in place of face-to-face meetings, when appropriate, as to not increase our carbon footprint, we turn off electronics and appliances at night, and we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and office supplies.

Furthering our commitment to the environment, we purchased the former Wal-Mart building in Rantoul in 2007. Taylor-Mart, as we call it, is home to our production department. We plan on removing most of the blacktop parking lot and planting a prairie area at some point, too. The highlight of our preservation efforts, however, is our company nature preserve. The property has a wide range of natural habitats, including old growth forest, new growth forest, grasslands, and an in-progress prairie area along the scenic Middlefork River.