Taylor Studios Inc. - Exhibit Design and Fabricaton


Taylor Studios’ team is comprised of project managers, designers, artists, interpretive planners, business people, a German Shepherd and a cat. We work in a casual environment and our employees are smart, upbeat, and like to have fun. While the atmosphere in which we work is relaxed, our approach to our projects is not. Our project managers follow well-defined processes and each department follows well thought out procedures to ensure our projects and departments run efficiently.

Project Management
The Project Management Office exists to provide our team with structure that enables consistent project execution. By planning proactively and engaging a highly structured approach, the PMO ensures our ability to get things done on time, on budget, and with accuracy. Our clients are not only ensured a project manager, but also a proven system of best practices, tools, and templates to reassure them their project will be completed successfully and in line with their expectations.

Taylor Studios’ design team consists of an Art Director, Design Manager, Exhibit Designers, Graphic Designers, a NAI-Certified Interpretive Planner, Researchers, and Copywriters. Our experienced designers work through three progressive phases of design, incorporating innovative ideas and value engineering, all while continuously making sure each client’s needs and demands are met within budget with a custom, one-of-a-kind design.

Our modeling talents cover a range of subjects from animal to human, and from botanical to comic. At Taylor Studios, we love what we do and our models show it. You can always expect attention to detail and scientific accuracy, when appropriate, that is unrivaled in the industry.

The metals department has built and engineered everything from a biplane to the substructure which held a gigantic Great Northern Right Whale from a ceiling. This team creates the foundation many of our exhibits are built upon.

The Taylor Studios’ woodworkers take great care in creating the casework, structures, and substructures for our exhibits. This team builds the housing for many of our interactives as well as artifact cases. Most of our groundforms are supported by structures built by our woodworkers. Many of our exhibits, such as those at Fort Massac State Park and Anita Purves Nature Center, highlight the fine finishing details of our craftsmen.

Interactive exhibits are an important way that children and adults attain hands-on learning experience. The more unique the interactive, the more likely visitors and guests are to remember your exhibit. At Taylor Studios, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of designing unique, innovative, entertaining, and educational interactives. Not only do interactives provide an engaging and dynamic experience for museum visitors, but also they provide educational fun for kids of all ages.

The paint department is responsible for bringing all our creations to life. Our highly skilled and talented artists create breathtaking murals, realistic leaves, and lifelike animals. The realism of all our exhibits is in the hands of our painters. They use our in-house library to research everything from snakes to whales to planes to wicki-ups.