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To create products and experiences that inspire people.

Core Values

Integrity and Honesty
Taylor Studios, Inc. will always act with the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all business practices. A high level of personal integrity and honesty is expected of everyone at Taylor Studios, Inc. We will communicate in an honest, accurate and factual manner. We will make no ethical compromises. Success with the highest standard of integrity is the only true success.

We recognize that financial health is a prerequisite to our company’s success. We must create capital to establish opportunity and prosperity for each person at Taylor Studios, Inc. We are dedicated to operating profitably. We will strive to improve the value of Taylor Studios, Inc.

Societal Value
Our products and services will be beneficial to society. We promote stewardship of nature, history, and culture.

We are committed to quality and will continually strive to improve our knowledge, our working environment and our products.

We value our staff and our clients and the mutually strong relationships between them.

“...Taylor Studios was absolutely the best contractor on the job. I give them my highest recommendation without reservation and I have steadfastly recommended them for other projects. There is no better mannequin maker or no firm that will give you better service.”
George E. Hicks
Chief Executive Officer
The National Civil War Museum

The People
Taylor Studios’ team is comprised of project managers, designers, artists, interpretive planners, business people, a German Shepherd, and a cat. We work in a casual environment and our employees are smart, upbeat, and like to have fun. While the atmosphere in which we work is relaxed, our approach to our projects is not. Our project managers follow well-defined processes and each department follows well thought-out procedures to ensure our projects and departments run efficiently.

Establishing a good relationship with clients with open and constant communication is key to successful projects. Understanding a client's unique needs allows us to develop strategies to create exhibits that meet and exceed the goals on time and within budget. We have a reputation for being easy to work with and flexible and we work closely with our clients on everything from research to fabrication methods. This teamwork allows for projects that are educational, creative, accurate, and memorable.

Creative, Cooperative Design Process
An important facet of the creative design process is the thoughtful integration of the client's human and material resources with our own. There are often situations where the client's existing layout, exhibits, staff, and collections make a significant contribution to the best design solutions. Working closely with the client has consistently proven to produce the best results.

Competitive Price
Taylor Studios, Inc. strives to always price services competitively. When Betty Brennan and Joe Taylor founded Taylor Studios, they saw a need for high quality exhibit fabrication that both small and large institutions could afford. Keeping this industry need in mind, they focused on building an efficient, productive studio that concentrated on maintaining low overhead. This was accomplished in many ways. Taylor Studios has a modern accounting system which allows for efficient bidding and controlled expenses. Financial planning, inventory control, budgeting, procurement, and many other aspects of the business are closely managed and constantly evaluated for performance. The facility is simple but modern, with no extravagant extras.