Are Interactives Being Added to Exhibits for the Right Reasons?

“We want lots of interactives in our new exhibits.” “Can you design more interactives in to the exhibit?” “We want technology.” These are the types of statements we hear quite often while designing exhibits. I don’t want to give the impression that I am against all interactives, but often interactives are added to exhibits for the wrong reasons and without consideration of the long term costs.Continue Reading

Get Out!

Working with lots of nature centers and state parks we are always looking for ways to encourage visitors to “get out” and experience the natural resource at hand. Pennsylvania State Parks had one of the best slogans that I’ve seen. It read, “Welcome to Pennsylvania, now get out.” I loved it. I don’t think that I need to go into all the specific reasons why our clients want their visitors to “get out,” but generally you could say some benefits would include relaxation, inspiration, wonder, and discovery.Continue Reading