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Every year, Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty military. We live in a wonderful country and have the freedom to explore nature, visit

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How do you combine empathy, a story and remember those who served in our military forces? The American Alliance of Museum Conference was last week. Much of the discussion was

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Director Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce is the Executive Director at Kenosha Public Museums in Wisconsin and a renowned military historian and archaeologist. He runs The Civil War Museum, quick becoming one of the

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Exhibits aren’t cheap. You know that. But how can you ensure that you get what you want–what you expect–for your money? Here are some tips that may help you clarify

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For many nature centers around the country, spring is peak season. Abundant wildlife, beautiful blooms, (finally!) fair temperatures, and blue, sunny skies show off your site in its best possible

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It’s springtime! As flowers bloom, wildlife reemerges, and winter becomes but a memory, nature centers and parks throughout the country are preparing for renewed foot traffic on their outdoor trails.

Why You Need to Know this Not So Average Joe

Did you know that Taylor Studios was founded by Betty Brennan and Joe Taylor?  What’s the story on Joe, the man behind the name? Betty and Joe started Taylor Studios

Nine Business Development Objectives You Can Use – 2017 Edition

Taylor Studios is rooted in business and creativity. In addition to processes and procedures, all areas of TSI are propelled by goals and objectives. This begins with the company as