Can Museums, Nature Centers and Visitor Serving Organizations Offer Healing Environments?

In a recent version of AIA’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities, access to nature is recommended.  All Planetree Designated Hospitals incorporate nature as part of their healing environments. Healthcare is seeing growing consumer engagement, requirements on patient satisfaction and the creation of healing environments in place of the old monolithic hospitals of our past.  Healthcare must connect the demands of body, mind and spirit in order to meet these modern demands. Adding nature as part of the healing environment seems like common sense.Continue Reading

Graphic Design 101: Visual Hierarchy

Working as a graphic designer I tend to notice when someone who isn’t as experienced puts a brochure or handout together. For example, getting a handout and everything is the same font size. I know that a designer isn’t always available to work on these types of projects, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give a brief tip to add visual interest to your design.Continue Reading