The Design-Build Process (4 of 4)

Today’s post is the final installment of our design-build series.  I hope that the descriptions of each phase of our process has helped facilitate your understanding of what it takes to bring an exhibit to life.  As always, if you have questions or comments, please let us know.

Production Phase:

With exhibit design finalized and graphics and text well on the way, it’s during the Production Phase when the design team’s vision begins to materialize.  The first step of the Production Phase is lots of planning. Following a team kickoff meeting attended by the project designer and fabrication team among others, fabricators write out the steps required to complete each component and make materials lists. A final set of construction drawings are completed as needed and fabricators get to work on the required samples for client review.

After construction drawings and samples have been submitted to and approved by the client, the fabrication team gets to work. Each week, photos are taken of progress made and posted to the client’s website. This keeps clients in the loop during the entire Production Phase. Clients are also highly encouraged to visit the production facility.

As exhibit artists begin putting hammer to nail, interpretive planners hammer out text revisions based on comments received at the conclusion of the Final Design Phase. The text revisions are reviewed one more time before the text is placed on graphic panels. By the time printouts of the graphics complete with text are sent to the client, the client is only checking for grammatical accuracy.

When the final graphics and text are approved by the client, the graphic files are sent to the printer.

The culmination of the Production Phase occurs when all the exhibit components and graphics are “Ready to Ship.” This date is generally a contractual date spelled out in the client’s initial agreement with Taylor Studios and means everything is complete and ready to begin its trip to the client’s facility.

“Ready to Ship” is followed, of course, by shipping and installation.  Installation is complete when all components are in their place and a Taylor Studios team member walks through the exhibit with the client. The team member demonstrates how each piece works and makes sure the client is satisfied with the installation.

An exciting time for the client, the project is not quite complete at installation. Within a month of installation, the client will receive a maintenance manual outlining a maintenance schedule and basic exhibit care. The purpose of the maintenance manual is to give the client the tools to ensure that the exhibit will look and function as it should for years to come. Should any component fail as a result of normal wear and tear, Taylor Studios’ stellar – yes, stellar – five-year warranty has the client covered. That’s it! Another happy client has become a graduate of the Design-Build process! Now it’s time for the client to enjoy their new exhibit! As for us, it’s back to Point A…

Posted by: Renee