A Recipe for a Successful Project

A successful project is one with delighted clients and engaged visitors.  One of our recent successes is the Puget Sound Navy Museum.  We started with a great story to tell, which is the first key to success.  Taylor Studios was brought on board (no pun intended) to design, build, and install a new exhibition interpreting life aboard the USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier that docks in the navy shipyard near the museum.

The second key to success is having a great client to work with.  The staff at the museum was enthusiastic and really helped us understand the daily life of the sailors.  Our design team also took a tour of the Stennis which enhanced their understanding of life at sea.  One of the challenges we had to overcome was communicating with the aircraft carrier itself when it was out to sea.  The exhibit highlights many personal stories, therefore, feedback from the sailors was critical to the success.

A final ingredient to a successful exhibit is engaged visitors.  Many of the visitors to this is exhibit are the families of the sailors.  They are now able to get a feel for the daily life of their loved ones.  Some of the most popular exhibits are: the mess table with faux food, the bunk bed you can climb into to get a feel for the cramped living space, the ejection seats, the personal videos, and the spin browser that allows you to speed up or slow down video of aircraft taking off and landing.

I went to the grand opening of the exhibit last November.  The Stennis was docked at that time and Captain Kuzmick came to the exhibit opening.  It was great to see the enthusiastic response to the exhibit from the Captain and crew.  I also got a tour of the carrier!!!

These photos tell this story much better than I can.






Ingredients for a Successful Project:

  • A Great Story to Tell
  • A Great Client
  • Add in video of personal stories from the sailors themselves
  • Mix in some immersive exhibits like a replica bunk bed
  • A smattering of food reproductions
  • Engaged visitors