Why do we Blog?

Posted by: Kara

I recently asked the Community Manager at a PR firm in Chicago, “How do we get more comments on our blog?”  (Yes, I realize a good blog isn’t defined solely on the number of comments it receives (good thing!), but it is a starting point.)  Daniel posed the question on their blog, Spin Sucks.  The suggestions he and other readers offered were good and I will start implementing several of the ideas.  Dan’s post was also referenced by another blogger, Adam Singer, creator of The Future Buzz.  This blog probed my question a little more deeply and also offered some good tips.

An assumption made in The Future Buzz post was, “The real reason they are blogging (speculating here) is to build awareness for their firm and to gain additional inquiries (and ultimately clients) from blogging. ”  So why do we blog?  We’ve been asked this question many times and Adam was pretty spot on. (Not really a difficult assumption to make.)

We started this blog about a year and a half ago.  We recognized the importance of social media and embraced it.  We wanted a way to connect with potential and current clients and others in the industry. We also wanted to educate our readers as to why we’re different.  In this industry, differentiation is hard.  We believe we offer our clients more value and a higher quality product, but there’s more to it than that and that’s often difficult to explain in 15 pages or less.  So we started blogging in order to give our clients, and yes, our competitors, a behind the scenes look at what we do, why we do it, what we believe, and ultimately how we’re different from other firms in our industry.

The posts you read on our blog range from meeting our staff, to learning about our management style, to understanding our history.  Some posts are fun (see what Tony does in his spare time), some are informative (see Renee’s series on our design-build process), and some are serious (see Betty’s position on incentives).

Do you have a blog?  Why did you start blogging?  What do you hope to gain from your efforts?

Posted by: Kara