Inspirational Reference

One of the things I implemented when I became Art Director was reference boards.  The reference board is a tool used to keep all team members on the same page.  It is a communication tool that we have implemented into a procedure and has become company policy.

I know some of you may be turned off by the words communication, procedure, and certainly, policy.  That’s OK. I understand that these words may not be associated with a creative firm. However, here at Taylor Studios, we believe they are appropriate, and we contend they foster creativity. Another thing they do is help ensure we are providing the quality product we guarantee the client.

The reference board holds all appropriate information fabrication needs to produce the product for which they are scheduled.  These boards contain design drawings, construction drawings, photo reference, and more. The idea is that producing artistic work requires clear communication as to what is expected.   The use of theses boards help to ensure that the design intent is being met and we are providing the client with the product that is depicted on the reference board (including size, color, texture, realism etc.).

One of the other things it provides is a place to, um, well, be creative. A relatively common occurrence is the addition of a personal touch by the fabricator.

Sometimes an outside source will provide additional reference and inspiration to a fabricator’s work area.  I’m sure this particular item was provided as a measure of team support.

What communication tools do you use at your work place and do they inspire creativity and team work?

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Yeah, I think it can improve the creativity and team wok. Thanks for sharing this thoughts.