I Am Thankful For

• working with creative and analytical professionals.
• telling our clients fascinating stories.
• the laughter I hear at our meetings.
• the amazing work I see each day when I walk the shop floor.
• the enthusiasm designers emote when explaining what they are working on.
• our damn clean shop floor.
• the Christmas tree in Design that Carlos brought from home to help us celebrate.

• we take such precautionary care of the priceless artifacts our Lewis and Clark client left with us.
• the buffalo hide Amy is painting – dang cool. I want one.

• the sculpture of Lewis.
• the variety of designs we are producing. It’s not cookie cutter stuff here. It’s fresh, diverse, clever, emotional, realistic and abstract, immersive, engaging designs.
• how many clients tell me how great our team is to work with. Our PMs make sure our clients are part of the team.
• the visual workplace that took years to create and now is rocking. Packing for an install will never be as chaotic as it once was.
• the carts that hold our graphic panels.
• the interactive room that is neatly organized.
• the coffee in the break room, especially when I run out of Keurig cups.
• the waves I get when I zoom across TaylorMart.
• the welcome signs we put up for visitors.
• all our acronyms – KPIs, CRM, RTS, ROI, POV, EAC,….
• graphs, charts, budgets, schedules and stand up meetings.
silly drawings on dry erase boards.
• the wows we get when we bring first time visitors through.
• the appreciation our community has for us that we are here.
• our core values that shine through every day.
• our frugalness.
• our silly joke emails that flow around and build with layers of humor.
• how everyone welcomes visitors and shares what they are working on.
• our relationship with our subcontractors/ vendors/ friends of TSI.
• our tracking of pithy (silly) things that we say.
• our company t-shirts.
• how many life-cast figures in museums all over the country are of people that work at TSI.
• when I wander in at 8:00 pm and someone is working away at their craft. Wow!
• the sporadic dancing that occasionally happens.
• we are accountable.

400 words of thankfulness, I cranked out in 15 minutes.
Can you generate that many, that quickly? Are you thankful for your work? If not, come work for us. LOL