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We should all incorporate more storytelling into our relationships. Daniel Pink advocates this in his book A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. Stories have a deeper impact than simply reciting facts, figures, and bullet points. Stories take us to a place of high impact and high touch. But how do you become a good storyteller? Practice. And I’ve found a fun place to practice storytelling,

Do you have an old ticket stub that you’ve saved for years?… a concert, sporting event, Broadway show, etc.? These tiny shreds of paper are powerful reminders of experiences we’ve had. StubStory embraces the idea that we hang on to ticket stubs to help us relive these experiences. These experiences can make for great stories. Roaring amplifiers, race cars fumes, crowded theaters…all wonderful ingredients for stories!

How it works? Simply scan or take a photo of a ticket stub, craft a short story about your experience, then visit the website and follow the instructions to upload it. It’s entertaining to read others’ experiences and a fun opportunity to sharpen your storytelling skills.

Rusty Banks
Rusty Banks

Thanks for the mention Sam. You and your readers are encouraged to send us your Stusbtories and practice writing. Get the kids involved, we can write or we can tweet. Let's share our experiences, and write some Stubstories. And we're also posting Stubstory videos. Looking forward to hearing from you. Rusty