Drip, Drip, Drip

As a homeowner, I have become very aware of strange sounds in my house. Something that just isn’t quite right. When it’s not raining outside, you don’t really want to hear anything dripping or running. With kids at home who dash away from a sink without making sure it’s off, I have walked in on several dripping faucets with a sinking feeling. How long has this been running? We recently installed new Toto toilets and I am amazed at how efficient and fast-filling they are. They’re really well made, and I know they help our bottom line.

I doubt we’ll get Totos here at Taylor, but I can dream. However, when we do get new toilets, we’ll definitely get a model that gets 1.6 gallons per flush or lower. With nine toilets at the offices alone, it just makes sense. And I’m also proud to say that we don’t irrigate our lawns, either at the offices or at Taylormart. Yes, they were pretty brown last summer, but why waste water on grass? So, thumbs up for us. Now, we just need to get faucet aerators installed and swap out some old washers. I’ve cranked down on plenty of dripping faucets here, but I don’t blame the staff, I blame the hardware. I still get the sinking feeling when I hear that high, echoing whisper from the pipes. Or a toilet tank suddenly starts filling up for maybe fifteen seconds when no one’s used it for hours. There’s a toilet bowl flap slowly leaking nearby, I just know it!

What innovation at your company saved the most water? I keep arguing to get rid of the Management Team’s Jacuzzi…

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