Do you compliment others often?

People crave compliments and appreciation.

I grew up in a family that never complimented. Additionally, as a business owner I’m always looking for the next problem to solve or what we can do better. Improvement is one of our core values. We constantly want to offer something better. This background can lead to a lack of complimenting what has been done well. I consider it a weakness of mine. Yet, I am aware of this weakness and work hard to do better.

Five Reasons to give a compliment:

  • 1. It builds relationships.
  • 2. It creates smiles.
  • 3. People crave it.
  • 4. It encourages the behavior you are showing appreciation for.
  • 5. Giving them is fun.

Now go give some sincere and honest appreciation.

Let us know why you appreciate someone?