Many nerds like me have wanted their own Batcave. But due to educational obligations or living in their mom’s house, it didn’t seem very likely. Now we have the resources at our disposal! BWA HA HA!

Most of you are familiar with the movie versions of the batcave.

There’s a lot of rock work, either built into a mountain or beneath a large mansion. Then there’s a big car (that happens to look different every time you see it, but that’s another story). But in the comics, he collects things from his various encounters with the resourceful colorful psychopaths and criminal underworld of Gotham.

A giant dinosaur (prehistoric animal models)

A huge penny (bronze models and other basic constructed elements)

A big joker card (large freestanding image reproduction)

Cases displaying uniforms of deceased sidekicks and villians (humidity controlled archival casework)

And loads of realistic rock work (themed immersive environments)

This can actually happen now. Its a reality. And I work here.
All I need to do now is buy a house with a REALLY BIG BASEMENT.

Benjamin Rorie
Benjamin Rorie

I always wondered how Batman slipped that stuff in with just the Batmobile. It seems like he might have also needed a Bat-U-Haul or at least a Bat-Pickup.

Matt Wiley
Matt Wiley

Or a GIANT COIN SLOT for the Penny!