Do You Prefer Natural or Man Made?

Does the natural world move you more or the man made world? What makes you stop and pause more?

Would you rather be on a horse’s back on a beach or gazing upon a horse statue?

Riding Senegal Catalonia, Spain. Horse Sculpture in front of Musee de Orsay, Paris

Would you rather gaze upon a building or a mountain?

Notre Dame, Paris. Segrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Gaudi used nature to inspire his architecture. What inspires you when you create in your made world?

CA, Coastline and Yellowstone

Would you rather gaze upon the African Serengeti or a painting?

South Africa and Feast of Cana, Louvre, Paris

The brilliance of nature is most often where I want to be. It moves me. It calms me. It is soothing, yet awe-inspiring. Yet, I love man-made’s beauty too. However, I can only handle a concrete world for brief intervals.

Natural History Museum or Art Museum?
Nature Center or Cultural Center?
Gothic Church or Glacier
Famous Paintings or Aurora Borealis?
Jeep or Horse?
Video game or falling star?

These are photos from my travels. Are they hard choices? I love them all. What would you prefer nature or man made? What inspires you?