Acceptable Quality?

Below is a photo I took of an acrylic vitrine during one of my many site visits. It is only one of several examples. I have been visiting sites critiquing the exhibits that I know our competitors have designed and built. My mission is to evaluate their work and compare it to ours.

Part of our core values as a company is constant improvement. We need to compare our work to the competition and see how our quality measures up to theirs. I find it interesting that some of our competitors find this to be acceptable quality. I find it even more puzzling that their clients accept it. Just for the record this is not acceptable by our internal quality standards and would not have been accepted for installation.

Can you see how the seams or welds all have bubbles in them making the edge look cloudy?

Here is one of ours. No bubbles and a nice clean and clear edge.
Let me know what you think? Are we being too picky or do you like the fact that there is a company out there keeping their eye on the details?

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That is a good and interesting point of view. I certainly see what you’re saying but I would however like to respond by saying that the intent is no different than Ford versus Chevy. They compare themselves to each other constantly by pointing out how they are better and how their quality is the best in the industry. If you recall several years back Toyota launched their campaign against the other guys showing how much bigger their brakes were. They showed their brake next to the competitions brake. They had other comparisons but I think I have painted the picture well enough. The intent is to simply show a comparison so potential clients have a visual to match our claim of being high quality. I suppose if I wanted to be mean or throw our competitors under the bus I would provide the facility in which I visited and the competitors name that provided the product. I would never do that and completely agree with you that it is important to know what YOU will or will not accept as an organization.


I think it's more important to know what YOU will or will not accept than what the competition has done. It really doesn't matter that you're better than the others if it's not the best you can do. If you have the highest standards you can achieve, than that will show without pointing out how bad the other guy is.