Do you love what you do?

As I watched my Daughter draw and color on the driveway, I thought about how much fun she was having.

Both my children love to draw and I am very excited about that.  I remember how I was growing up; I was always drawing.  I also remember how I decided that no matter what I did for a career it would involve drawing or being creative.

The other day, we had a couple of brainstorming sessions for a project we are currently working on.  We were presented with a challenge and we knocked it out of the park with one creative idea after another.  I had a blast!

It made me feel like I was in that driveway drawing with chalk again.  I absolutely love what we do at Taylor Studios and can’t imagine doing anything else!  The extremely talented people that I am surrounded with daily make Taylor Studios a truly wonderful place.

Are you in the same situation?  Do you truly love what you do?

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I love what I do!! And I'm glad you do too.