A Greener Building

I’m offering up a little diversion from my usual blog today. I’ve always been a fan of architecture, from American Residential to the shiny twists of Frank Gehry. While the big green action in architecture these days deals with LEED certification, there is a more fantastic angle to green building. I am referring to the eye candy that is renderings of building designs. Many more buildings are designed than can ever be built, and some designs act merely as jumping off points for new ideas. It’s similar to the concept cars shown off by automakers at the big car shows. So what I’m posting here today are (mostly) the cool green daydreams of architects. You’ll note that all these designs have actual greenery on the building; trees, shrubs, and vines are used as design elements. I suspect that the designers use the foliage as an external sign that the building actually has a sustainable core. There isn’t a sexy way to show reclaimed materials, energy-efficient HVAC, and natural light systems, so the plants are a symbol of the building’s green soul, as It were.

EDITT Tower (Singapore)

Living Building Challenge Best of Show


The Vertical Farm

ACROS Fukuoka

As a pleasant surprise, the ACROS building actually exists. Take a look at the link to see more photos of a truly lush rooftop garden. If these images only whet your appetite, a Google image search for ‘green building’ will keep you busy. Happy surfing!