Getting Group Buy-In

As an interpretive planning firm we assist our clients by getting buy-in from their committees and supporters. We align the group around a central theme, sub themes, objectives and goals. Once a group agrees on an outcome, or what success looks like it is much more likely the institution will achieve its objectives with the needed help of the community.

There are many methods in attempting to get people on board with a certain direction. Participating in the development of the direction is a key. It is also helpful to know what the members of these groups care about in order to cater to their wants and desires.

I recently watched several of Jonathan Haidt’s interviews on the Righteous Mind.

He believes our morality and values drives our behavior. In this talk it describes the different beliefs of liberals versus conservatives. He describes why accountants and artists think differently.

He believes there are five systems of the moral mind that drives our behavior:
1. Harm/Care
2. Fairness/Cheating
3. Loyalty
4. Authority
5. Purity/Sanctity

His research shows that all of us believe in all five, but liberals believe in harm and fairness more and are not as concerned about the other three. If we have more understanding of what each group holds important we can learn to be more open minded. If we can stop trying to be right and attempt to understand others we can then accomplish change. If we can have more humility and believe that the ying and the yang brings us together we can achieve greatness. If we demonize each other’s values or goals we cannot build a better place for all.

In our society this is a tough nut to crack. However, if we can do it in our museums, nature centers, visitor centers and towns it’s a great start. Taylor Studios will continue to try and understand everyone’s desires in order to create great experiences for our visitors.

How do you get groups or even your family to go in the same direction? When everyone agrees to move in the same direction isn’t it more achievable?

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