Welcome to the Jungle

One of the nice things about working at Taylor Studios (besides being cool with having the four of us in Project Management dress up as KISS for Halloween) is the freedom to make our spaces comfortable. If I’m spending a big chunk of my day at a computer, it helps a lot when I can set up my space how I like and need. One requirement for me is plants. Real, shedding, don’t-forget-to-water-me plants.

I’m not set up next to a window, so I chose the low-light type of houseplants that can thrive under fluorescent tubes. Having plants within two feet is a crucial part of my positive attitude. I’m a treehugger, remember? And when we hit the gray and brown part of the Midwestern year, having something growing next to me is a reminder that Spring will arrive one day. It’s a wonderful shade of green. My coworkers don’t mind the mini-jungle I have created in our office  - I’ve got plants all over the place.

I was encouraged to find out that I’m not the only person who benefits from plant therapy. Houseplants have been proven effective at clearing air toxins from a room through the microbes amongst their roots. The same transpiration of water that drives this process also raises the humidity level in rooms with plants. In turn, the higher humidity (along with other factors) can reduce the likelihood of colds, sore throats, and dry skin during winter months. The psychological benefits from the presence of plants have been proven in studies, even if the cause has evaded researchers. People feel better and work better around plants.

What’s the take-away? If your workplace needs a boost, there aren’t many cheaper options than a couple houseplants. They’re the original Green.


That's great! I didn't know there were so many benefits. I know I like them.