14 New Trends for Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Attractions

I heard lots of new and probably old trends for the attraction’s industry while attending IAAPA recently. Here is a list of those:

  1. Revenue Generation was a buzzword. Adding components to increase revenue is top of mind in the industry.
  2. Adding new elements like zip lines, water play areas and theatre increase revenue, attract new audiences and increases repeat visits.
  3. There is an increased use of themed immersive experiences.
  4. Complex engaging exhibits attract repeat visits.
  5. Table restaurant service attracts older audiences.
  6. High encounter animal experiences are on the rise.
  7. There is an expanded use of social media.
  8. Many institutions are developing their own apps.
  9. STEAM Goals of adding art to science is very popular.
  10. Connect with a wider audience.
  11. Competition can engage guests.
  12. Providing personalized experiences where the guest is in control is on the rise.
  13. Staying open later and having specialized evening events attracts new audiences.
  14. Collaborating with a wide variety of partners from local corporations to other attractions can increase attendance, awareness and support.

What have you done to offer your visitors more?