Five Tips to Building Culture

  1. Repetition
  2. Repetition is the mother of learning. If you want your staff to know what you stand for as a company, you have to tell them repeatedly.

  3. Repeat – Your Mission and Values
  4. Our Mission and Values are posted in several places around the company. They are mentioned in orientation. We now use them as a method to review and coach our staff. I have often walked around the company and asked, “what’s our mission”. If they get it right they get $5. When several don’t know it, I know it is time for more repetition.

  5. Interview For Cultural Fit
  6. When you hire someone you hire the groups they came from. They bring those values and beliefs with them. Make sure there is a fit with your values. Ask behavioral questions. Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. As an example, tell me about a time you sacrificed something to maintain your integrity.

  7. Practice What You Preach
  8. We often look to our core values when making decisions and taking action. We recently implemented a constant improvement program. We made it easier for staff to make recommendations and we hope to teach them business concepts with the new program too. One of our core values is improvement. We are living it.

  9. Know Your Strategies to Building Your Culture
  10. Our strategies to achieve our culture include: personal responsibility, accountability, attitude, low overhead, commitment to our customers, communication, productivity, try new stuff, winning by excellence, people, pride inspiring creations, and fostering knowledge and enjoyment. I give each new employee a write up on what these mean when they start here. We also live these. As an example of a combination of fun, teaching and client commitment – there is a rule here that if I say anything bad about a client, my employees can fine me $5. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a few bucks here and there.

Why is this important? People want engaging and fulfilling work. A company with a strong culture will attract, retain and garner productive employees. It brings unity and understanding to how things are done and what is expected. It helps achieve a vision by getting everyone on the same staff. And it can be fun. We believe in having fun. I’ll tell you how in another blog. Since you spend a lot of hours at work, wouldn’t it be better if the team had your beliefs and values?

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