Favorite Blogs and Tools

On New Year’s day I listened to a webinar by Daniel Pink.  I loved his book Drive.  Here’s a great YouTube video describing the concepts in that book. I just bought his new book To Sell is Human – the surprising truth about moving others.  I respect his work and thought I would share his favorite blogs and favorite tools.

Dan’s favorite Blogs:

  1. Farnamstreetblog – Lots of the greatest stuff on culture, history and books.
  2. Barking up the wrong tree.  I love this blog myself.  Check it out.
  3. Springwise – A place for entrepreneurial ideas.
  4. Artsjournal – It’s daily art news about the arts, culture and ideas.
  5. Nationalaffairs – About the political economy.

Dan’s favorite Tools:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Instapaper
  3. Freetalk Everyman Headphones
  4. www.Idonethis.com
  5. The jam box by Jawbone

One of my favorite web sites is TED.

I also love my Bose Bluetooth speaker.

What are your favorites?

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