Community Management: The ever changing learning curve

Happy Monday!  Did you know today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD)? No? Neither did I until I clicked on a link in a tweet from @SpinSucks which lead me to the blog post by Shonali Burke on Waxing UnLyrical.  While it’s not in my official title, managing (i.e. trying to grow) our community is a huge part of my job, but alas, no chocolates, flowers, Dunkin Donuts gifts cards, or tickets to Figi were on my desk when I arrived to work this morning. C’est la vie.

As I was trying to come up with something to write, I came across this post talking about The Five Reasons Your Business Should Be On G+.  Taylor Studios, Inc. does have a G+ account, but until recently, it had been all but ignored.  I actually created our G+ account toward the end of 2011, but just started playing around with it again a week or two ago.  I’m still not sure of the ins and outs yet, but I am sure it’s a platform that shouldn’t be ignored so start following us.  :)

I’m even more certain G+ should be used by our clients.  I see it being more beneficial for them than us even.  I feel I am playing catch up a little bit (and I hate that), but as of today, these are the reasons I think G+ is extremely important for museums, visitor centers, and nature centers:

1)      You don’t have to pay to ensure all your followers see your posts.

2)      Having a G+ page is extremely important for your SEO which will lead to more visitors – see tip #1 regarding Local Searches (the other tips are really good, too).

You probably have even more reasons, so comment below to add to the list.

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