Instagram: A Great Tool for Your Site

Taylor Studios in now on Instagram. On what?  Instagram! As smart phones become more of a necessity than a novelty, we should all be embracing the new features that are available.  As an exhibition design and fabrication firm, a heavy emphasis is placed on visuals and we’ve found Instagrams’ interface to be the perfect medium for sharing. Instagram serves as a ‘visual feed,’ offering a place where your happenings and highlights can be showcased through pictures.

The pictures can also be accompanied by hashtags (words preceded by a # sign) that are used to help classify and categorize photos enabling you to reach out and connect to other users with shared interests. Broad terms like #museum #wildlife and #nature cue into general categories, but more specific hashtags can also be used to cue into special events, areas, or exhibit highlights. This is a great way to get your photos in front of people who may not already be aware of your site and its offerings.

In addition to the photo and hashtags, location can also be documented and photos can be explored via the Photo Map. Instagram creates a map based on where images are taken and tagged. That means, as areas are explored, the photos taken can be linked to that location. Establishing your location as a check point and encouraging visitors to tag their photos there will allow you to see how visitors are interacting with your site and what they deem ‘photo worthy.’

As a company that does a lot of traveling, the photo map feature is great because we are able to tag photos taken on site as we install exhibits, travel to conferences, and explore opportunities, and present that information in our map view. It will be neat to see as TSI continues to cover the country (and others, like China!) with our adventures and installations.

So—are you ready to start visually showcasing your site? It is easy (and free!) to set up an account, install the app on your smartphone and begin sharing and reaching out to potential visitors.

And of course, we’d love to have you follow us too! No smart phone? No problem, you can still view our Instagram Feed or via our Facebook Page. Happy posting!