Revamping your Workspace

The importance of desk décor is often overlooked. You probably spend just as much time at your desk as you do in your own living room. Therefore, it deserves the same amount of attention in regard to how it can provide comfort, inspiration and a reflection of your personality.

Our department just got the opportunity to re-paint a wall in our space—and you’d be surprised by what an affair it was. Shuffling through a box of innumerable swatches, we finally selected four colors to sample, from there we proceeded to mix said colors for slight variations and were still uncertain. We even tried polling our fans on facebook for help! While it wasn’t the most popular choice in our poll, in the end we settled on “Cyberspace,” a solid neutral gray. The final decision came down to establishing the wall as the background, rather than the focus of the room, so that each of our individual workspaces and personalities would provide the ‘pop’ of color and energy to the space. It was great to see our shared neutral space come alive with each designer’s individual attention.

So let’s get down to business with a personal desk space revamp. First off, take away the things that don’t fit in to the categories of comfort, inspiration and personality. Is that Christmas card that is over a year old (maybe two) still bringing you joy? Are you still motivated by that quote you pinned up ages ago? What about your computer background? When was the last time you switched that out?  The key point when evaluating your workspace is to decide on and keep the things that appeal to you currently (visually or emotionally) and the things that serve an important function, anything else deserves no place in your personal space. Clearing out physical clutter allows for a fresh start, providing a clean slate for new items and inspiration or a springboard for later opportunities.

Many of the changes and updates you can make to your desk space will only cost a little time and attention. A worthy investment as it is somewhere you can spend majority of your workday. The key is to surround yourself with things that inspire you, allowing your desk to be a space where you feel comfortable, encouraged and inspired. So what does your desk look like?