History Can Make You A Happier Person

Did you know being grateful will make you happier? People often reflect this time of year. Given the holidays and the recent snow storm, I have spent a little less time in the office. This extra time at home has given me an opportunity to reflect on where the love of what Taylor Studios does came from. Thinking about my love of history and our ability to bring it alive took me back to my childhood.

I grew up on a farm. We spent many hours roaming fields and pastures. Every now and then someone would find an arrowhead. This was always an exciting event. Imagine picking up a rock out of the dirt and realizing another human had worked it into a tool for their survival. Someone 100s or 1,000s of years ago had walked this very same field that you are working today. They were here living off the land too. It evokes a lot of questions. What were they doing? What did they look like? How did they survive? How many lived here? Did they live here or were they passing through? When were they here? Did they use this tool or was it a reject?

Eventually finding arrowheads and asking lots of questions lead to Taylor Studios’ first product line of artifact and fossil reproductions. In the early 90s we sold a plethora of reproductions. That early allure I gathered working the fields led me to love the Pleistocene time period. I have a fascination with humans roaming with Woolly Mammoths, Giant Ground Sloths and Giant Beavers, right here where I found their remnants left in the dirt. Even recently I introduced new friends to my atlatl (a spear thrower). We attempted to hit straw bales with our spears that we imagined as Woolly Mammoths. Our skill was pathetic and we rarely hit the straw bales.

What does this have to do with being grateful? Well, can you imagine getting your food using an atlatl? Can you imagine not having a centrally heated home during below freezing weather? When I think about history, I am grateful for everything we have today. I am grateful for store bought clothes and food. I am grateful for running water and a hot shower. I am grateful I don’t have to skin a Mammoth or collect enough plants to get me through the winter.

You see, it is easy to be grateful. All you have to do is bring history alive.
What are you grateful for?

Here are more ideas on how to be happier. What could you add to this list?