Of Conferences and Awards – A Week to Celebrate!

Next week is a big week for nature sites, museums, parks, and all other interpretive centers across the country. It is the week when we all gather together and discuss

Ask the Experts! What Are the Most Successful Exhibits?

Exhibits – they come in many shapes and sizes. Large exhibits, small exhibits, exhibits that “wow,” and exhibits that educate. But what exhibits are the most successful? We decided to

Who to Follow – The Top Ten Influencers in the Industry

Who are the top influencers in the world of museums, nature centers, and interpretive exhibit design? This question is almost impossible to answer – and that’s a good thing! There

Spotted: Our Most Iconic & Heart-Stopping Pieces!

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen our work – online, on TV, or maybe even in person – without even realizing it! Over the years, not only have we created full interpretive exhibitions for museums, nature centers, and other sites, but we’ve also designed and built iconic statues, models, and other works that have since become quite well-known. Many have even become viral “go-to spots” for selfies! Check out a few of our most iconic pieces…perhaps you have already seen them!

How to Infuriate Your Museum Audience

When I was young, I loved dinosaurs. I mean, hardcore. Unlike most kids, I did not grow out of the “dinosaur phase” until I entered high school. I was a big-time dino nerd, reading, watching, buying…heck, even eating… everything that I could find that included these prehistoric beasts. Need further evidence? Here is a photo of me – Jurassic Park shirt and all – meeting paleontologist Karen Chin:

Measure up! Are your exhibits successful?

How do you know that you are successful? It is an important question – and one that, unfortunately, many organizations never ask themselves. Yes, you have a great mission. Yes,

Have You Made an Unforgettable Impact on Your Visitors?

One Unforgettable Summer: A Baptism in Interpretation at Gettysburg National Military Park As this holiday weekend approaches, so does the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. As such, I thought

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Stephen Brusatte

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Stephen Brusatte – Chancellor’s Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology   Dr. Stephen Brusatte is Chancellor’s Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology at the University of Edinburgh.

How to Create Military Exhibits That Will Make an Impact

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty military. We live in a wonderful country and have the freedom to explore nature, visit

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Director Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce is the Executive Director at Kenosha Public Museums in Wisconsin and a renowned military historian and archaeologist. He runs The Civil War Museum, quick becoming one of the