Here at Taylor Studios, we work on a lot of museums that want to cover the Civil War in their messaging. I have had the pleasure of researching, writing, and

I fell in love with Nashville about five years ago when my husband and I were on our honeymoon. Aside from my love of classic country music and Civil War

It’s New Year’s Resolutions time, and each year I wish for a slightly less chaotic life. I love my very busy life; but it could use some organizational help sometimes.

“The little rare-ripe sort that are smarter at about five than ever after.” –Abraham Lincoln on the subject of children   A group of us from Taylor Studios decided to

My son Sam, who is not quite two years old, is a fanatic for all things Muppets. He has been dancing to the Sesame Street theme song since he could

Fall has come in central Illinois, and I have the sudden urge to be surrounded by pumpkins, drink cider, and have an excuse to break out my jacket. For the