Five Exhibits You Might Be Wasting Your Money On

We often get asked by our clients, “What exhibits should we have in our space?” For many of them, this often boils down to “We have limited funds, so how should we best utilize them?” We feel the pressure that our clients are under, having such large and important stories to tell, but never quite having enough money to do all that they want.

Every time I hear someone talk about lowest price or needing to be low bid I think of this clip from the movie Armageddon:

Who out there loves a good warranty? If you’re like me, when you buy something there’s an expectation that it will last longer than a year. Most of the time

Every project requires individualized levels of oversight. As a Creative Director, I communicate the intended level of oversight I believe each project will benefit most from. Projects are balancing acts

As a manager and person of authority within our organization, I often forget how things I say or how my facial expressions are interpreted by others.  I am at all times

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Alaska with several other members of our team for a meeting with a client. While there, we traveled throughout the state visiting

Wanted: Exhibit Designer You have spent the last four to ten years fundraising for new exhibits. You’ve written so many grant proposals your head is swimming. Finally, the time has

A literal back door, not the programming equivalent. When you’re designing do you spend much time thinking about how the client will access and service components? We recently had a

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” -Henry Ford This is one of my favorite quotes and I have it posted on a wall in my