How To Get The Exhibits You Want With Low Bid

You can bet that most celebrated actresses walking down the red carpet at the latest awards gala didn’t choose their apparel designer on cost only.  In his blog, Jason asks

Visuals in the Workplace Can Make You and Your Team More Effective

In the 2002 article Read A Plant – Fast, R. Eugene Goodson describes his reaction to a report generated by a group of Japanese manufacturers who toured his company’s plant:

How Important is Scientific Accuracy in Your Exhibits?

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet spot. Sit with your feet on the floor and your hands resting comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes, take a few deep

Four Areas of Focus to Help Hone New Staff

Did you read The RFP Template That Will Get You Results by Samantha earlier this month? I kind of wanted to steal the first paragraph! As employers, we want to

What is the Most Important Question for Small Museums to Ask?

What does IQ have to do with your small museum? Well, more than you might think. But first we need to define the terms “IQ” and “small museum”. The American

The scope of work has been defined; the contract has been negotiated and signed; the Project Manager has been designated; the Design Team has been assembled.  And now, the brainstorm

The summer of 2014 has brought a handful of new faces to Taylor Studios: three to our fabrication floor that is running at full capacity and one to our Sales/Marketing

Flashback: You, age 5, your backyard sandbox. You are surrounded by miniature plastic figures, some human and some from the animal world. You are intent on arranging them in a

What an awful way to have a job interview come to an end. I hope you will never hear this phrase in person in your lifetime. The bright side is

Most of us are familiar with some variation of Mark Twain’s quote: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” In part, it