Horicon Marsh Visitor Center: A Fundraising Success Story

Oftentimes, when Taylor Studios, Inc. designs exhibits for an interpretive center, we pause before finishing the fabrication and installation stages of said project. There are many reasons for pausing, i.e.,

Using Story to Develop a Twist on an Oft Told Topic

Topic: Abraham Lincoln Location: Illinois It doesn’t matter where in Illinois you find yourself—it seems that every Illinois town promotes its connection to our state’s most celebrated politician—Abraham Lincoln. Oftentimes,

Kids Have the Darnedest Observations 2.0

Most years, Taylor Studios, Inc. presents a session at the NAI National Workshop. We develop our sessions with a focus on what the attendees may value. We ask the question,

When is it appropriate to say NO to a client?

It’s okay. You can say no to a client. They’ll respect your expertise and vested interest in working with them to make the project the best thing ever.

The chief aim of interpretation is not instruction, but provocation.  –Freeman Tilden’s Fourth Principle of Interpretation I reckon you wouldn’t even be human being if you didn’t have some pretty

Whatever happened to taking responsibility? Is this a lost virtue or has advancing age taken a toll? What about today’s apologies? “I am sorry if you interpreted what I said

Most years, Taylor Studios, Inc. presents a session at the NAI National Workshop. We develop sessions with concentrated focus on the target audience. We ask the following question of each

Now, allow me to share a statement without value: goals and objectives are integral elements in an interpretive plan. Thank you. Regardless of whether Taylor Studios is developing an interpretive

When Interpretation is Not Pleasurable Sam Ham’s Environmental Interpretation: A Practical Guide for People with Big Ideas and Small Budgets has always been a valuable resource in helping Taylor Studios