Anyone who’s gone through the process of creating new exhibits knows the importance of keeping them looking great for a long time. It’s not simply up to the fabricator though. Once those

If you have ever packed a family of five’s belongings into a minivan before a two-week road trip, you will know what I’m talking about. After our fabricators spend months

After nine years in the museum design business, I know what will happen when people ask me where I work. Our name draws a blank look, so then I say,

As a client, creating a new exhibit can be a huge undertaking. The Request for Proposals is only the beginning of what may feel like a Voyage Into The Unknown.

‘Green’ Not Simply a Color In the last fifteen years, ‘green’ has become a very common adjective. While I would like to think it has some relation to sustainability and

My last two posts have focused on the sustainability and environmental features of a building. After that big picture view, I am now going to focus on what clients nationwide

For every cutting edge new building, there are ten museums and nature centers that inhabit an older location. Sustainability isn’t limited to organizations with new construction, though, and there are

Natural history exhibits used to be cases full of dead butterflies on pins. The visitor had the privilege of trying to decipher spidery, faded, handwritten labels giving only Latin names

I can’t pin down the year I started shortening my showers, but chances are it happened right around the time we bought our first house. Utility bills have a wonderful

As any electrician will tell you, it’s not just a band. The standard way of delivering electricity to our houses and most anyplace else is alternating current (AC), in which