How Can Your Choice of Cabinets Save You Money?

Cabinets play a pivotal role in most spaces, both commercial and residential. Restaurants, hotels, classrooms, kitchens, laboratories, corporate offices, common areas, and more. They’re a permanent fixture that contribute to

How to Create Graphics That Don’t Suck

Expanding on Chris’ post from last week regarding copywriting, this week we discuss best practices for exhibit graphic design.  From colors to fonts, there are many details to consider when

The RFP Template That Will Get You Results

Writing an RFP can be overwhelming. In order to stand out and solicit contractors that fit your institution and project’s needs, you’ll need to prepare a well thought out document.

How to Secure the Perfect Exhibit Partner With an RFP

Your grant was awarded. Your fundraising efforts went astonishingly well. You’re ready to bring your dream of new exhibits to fruition. How are you going to take on such a

A Story of Museum Advancement that Will Inspire You to Network

Success is sometimes ascribed to whom you know and what you can accomplish together, and pooling resources for better results helps everyone. In 2012 I met Ed Sheppley. Ed has

The Exhibit Budgeting Tool That Will Save You Time and Money

Have you ever walked into a multi-million dollar building only to find poster-board-style graphics for exhibits? I have. Or entered your small neighborhood visitor center to encounter high-tech virtual-reality style

Four Ways to Engage Millennials at Your Museum

Millennials are the largest generation in history, making up more than ¼ of the current US population. This demographic shift has posed significant challenges for the museum industry, as millennials

A Revealing Look at What Causes Visitors to Read

“Visitors don’t read.” Are you surprised? Nowadays, it seems like people don’t even talk to each other in public, let alone read any available information. It’s difficult to do either

DIY Museum Graphics

YOU can create effective interpretive graphics for your facility, even when your budget is small or you lack design resources! We are often challenged with telling a story and redesigning

Last month, we hosted a webinar about museum exhibit design and fabrication pricing, fees, cost breakdown, and value engineering. We had such an overwhelmingly positive response that we reached our