5 Proven Pointers To Ensure Budget Success

There are common scenarios that trigger emotions to rise during museum exhibit projects. Emotions rise because these situations usually cost more money. In our world that can mean eliminating something

Five Ways to Get Exactly What You Want from Your Exhibit Fabricator

Exhibits aren’t cheap. You know that. But how can you ensure that you get what you want–what you expect–for your money? Here are some tips that may help you clarify

Be Careful What You Pay for When Hiring an Exhibit Partner

If you were about to build a home would you go to a contractor and say “I want a 3,000 square foot house. How much will that cost?” We occasionally

How To Get The Exhibits You Want With Low Bid

You can bet that most celebrated actresses walking down the red carpet at the latest awards gala didn’t choose their apparel designer on cost only.  In his blog, Jason asks

The Exhibit Budgeting Tool That Will Save You Time and Money

Have you ever walked into a multi-million dollar building only to find poster-board-style graphics for exhibits? I have. Or entered your small neighborhood visitor center to encounter high-tech virtual-reality style

Matching Your Project to the Right Funding Source

One of the most challenging parts of obtaining grant funding can be matching the goals of the funder to your project. Done correctly, the process results in a mutually beneficial,

The Complete Budgeting Starter-Kit

For the past two weeks our blog has focused establishing an overall exhibit budget for design-build projects and establishing a project schedule. This week we will focus on understanding how

Setting Up for Success: Creating Your Project Schedule

Last week’s blog focused on establishing an exhibit budget for design-build projects. This week’s blog is focused on an equally important step in the project planning process, setting the project

Setting the Budget: A Tool to Begin Pricing Your Exhibits

As an exhibit designer and fabricator, museums and similar organizations often ask for our professional opinion regarding the cost to develop interpretive exhibits with an external partner. It can be

Last month, we hosted a webinar about museum exhibit design and fabrication pricing, fees, cost breakdown, and value engineering. We had such an overwhelmingly positive response that we reached our