One Man’s Trash…

Here at TSI, we have an abundance of “treasures.” This, of course, is directly related to what’s fun about what we do. Telling one story might require replicas of shark teeth while another could mandate glass eyeballs, turn of the century antiques, animal skins, or the ever popular poo model! Some stories mean shipping scarily realistic body parts via FedEx, and I don’t know how many times we’ve purchased urine scent specific to various critters.

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5 Awesome Sites to See this Summer

School may be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean that learning should end! Now is a great time of year to find different learning experiences outside the classroom. I grew up around this area and have many fond memories of day trips to different sites as a kid. Working at Taylor Studios I’ve also had the opportunity to explore other notable nearby museums and nature centers that have become favorites as well.

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Inspiring Finds

This week I had the chance to delve into some industry research and I discovered some pretty cool ideas and products. Every designer desires to create solutions to age-old problems and find new ways to live our daily lives. Some quick surfing through the many great design websites out there is a great way to jump start your brain! Check out my finds!Continue Reading