How to Create Military Exhibits That Will Make an Impact

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty military. We live in a wonderful country and have the freedom to explore nature, visit

How Do Museums Celebrate Women?

In February, we celebrated Black History Month. Now, we honor another group of Americans – a group that in fact makes up half of our population! March is Women’s History

Big Story, Small Space: How to Cut Content and Make it Count

The National Association for Interpretation National Conference was last week, and we are celebrating the hard work of interpreters everywhere with a series of blog posts focused specifically on Interpretation

Four Good Books for the Curious and Creative

Leaders are readers. There is a perception that artists are the best at being creative. In reality anyone with a curious mind and hunger for knowledge can be creative. Reading

The Details You Need to Know About When Building Cabinets

When you look at a piece of furniture do you think of the planning and detail it takes to create? Probably not, yet it might surprise you how much there

Why You Need Leaves More Than You Need Concrete

I thought that I must have misread the headline – a large health insurer pushing outdoors experiences rather than prescription drugs? This seemed novel, almost too commonsensical in our 21st

12 Remarkable Benefits That Nature Can Offer You

Next week we’ll be at the ANCA Summit (Association for Nature Center Administrators) at Audubon Center of the North Woods in Sandstone, MN. This will be our first time exhibiting

Four Areas of Focus to Help Hone New Staff

Did you read The RFP Template That Will Get You Results by Samantha earlier this month? I kind of wanted to steal the first paragraph! As employers, we want to

10 Steps to Handle a Mistake

*Throwback Thursday* Here we share insight on how we handled a…gulp… really big mistake. We employ this method to this day when we make mistakes, and offer this process to you

What is the Most Important Question for Small Museums to Ask?

What does IQ have to do with your small museum? Well, more than you might think. But first we need to define the terms “IQ” and “small museum”. The American