How to Learn Leadership Like a Woman

I recently got an email from a female client in a leadership position. She was meeting with another peer sharing stories about their work environment and being a female in

Why You Need to Pay Attention in February

February is Black History Month, a perfect time for museums and education centers to celebrate African American history, art, and culture. The African American story is the American story, and

Four Good Books for the Curious and Creative

Leaders are readers. There is a perception that artists are the best at being creative. In reality anyone with a curious mind and hunger for knowledge can be creative. Reading

12 Remarkable Benefits That Nature Can Offer You

Next week we’ll be at the ANCA Summit (Association for Nature Center Administrators) at Audubon Center of the North Woods in Sandstone, MN. This will be our first time exhibiting

Overcome These Five Barriers to Avoid Nature Deficit Disorder

Here we are in the middle of summer with the sun shining, warm temperatures flaring, and flora and fauna if full momentum. My new home sits among horse pastures, farmland,

A Story of Museum Advancement that Will Inspire You to Network

Success is sometimes ascribed to whom you know and what you can accomplish together, and pooling resources for better results helps everyone. In 2012 I met Ed Sheppley. Ed has

Do It Yourself Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Many nature centers, museums and visitor centers want to create their own exhibits or have changeable exhibits. Our client Anita Purves Nature Center had us design and build exhibits for

Holliday Park and Nature Center: A Fundraising Success Story

We loved the exhibit that was designed and built for installation at the Holliday Park Nature Center and we were thrilled when we ran across this visitor experience article. The

Horicon Marsh Visitor Center: A Fundraising Success Story

Oftentimes, when Taylor Studios, Inc. designs exhibits for an interpretive center, we pause before finishing the fabrication and installation stages of said project. There are many reasons for pausing, i.e.,

Illumination Lights Up Attendance at The Morton Arboretum

Today’s guest post is by Cindy Crosby, Interpretation Program Coordinator at The Morton Arboretum. How do you get visitors to come to an outdoor museum when it is dark, cold,