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Lincoln Heritage MuseumA case study on the Lincoln Heritage Museum design

Several years ago, my wife and I moved to Illinois so that I could work on a master’s degree. Even though I grew up in the Midwest, I didn’t know much about Illinois other than it was home to Chicago and its slogan is Land of Lincoln (credit Illinois license plates for knowledge of the latter). Fast forward eleven years and; I’m still in Illinois, an official resident, and art director at Taylor Studios Inc., a museum exhibit design and fabrication firm. (more…)


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I am sure you have all heard of the KISS principle. Keeping things simple is more effective. This certainly applies to technology and storytelling in interpretive exhibit design. A couple weeks ago, I visited King John’s Castle in Limerick, Ireland. They recently installed six million Euro of new exhibitry in this 13th Century Castle. This new visitor experience is the cornerstone and start of Limerick’s development plan to become Ireland’s first City of Culture. (more…)


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Taking off the creative director hatI recently had the opportunity to travel to Alaska with several other members of our team for a meeting with a client. While there, we traveled throughout the state visiting visitor centers, nature centers, themed resorts, and museums like the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Since we were working, one of our goals was to critique and document what these facilities were interpreting in order to avoid duplicating that information within our design project.



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Interpretive Plan ObjectivesNow, allow me to share a statement without value: goals and objectives are integral elements in an interpretive plan. Thank you.

Regardless of whether Taylor Studios is developing an interpretive plan or beginning an exhibit design/build, we conduct several on-site activities with stakeholders aimed at gathering salient project goals and objectives.

In our experience, stakeholders love setting interpretive goals, but loathe setting interpretive objectives. Isn’t this similar to Fanny Dooley loving jelly and hating jam? No, not really…not once you evaluate potential reasons. Here are a number of potential reasons: (more…)


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approach hiring an exhibit designer like online dating

Wanted: Exhibit Designer

You have spent the last four to ten years fundraising for new exhibits. You’ve written so many grant proposals your head is swimming. Finally, the time has come!  You have the green light to start designing your exhibit space.

So what do you do now?  I imagine choosing a design firm is a rather daunting task. You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” or “What are the qualifications I should look for in a firm?(more…)

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