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Why Scheduling Delays Costs More Anyone who has been involved with a museum exhibit design-build project knows that this process can take many months or, more likely, even years to complete.  During this time, numerous items can delay the installation of an exhibit.  There can be building delays, renovation delays, funding delays, contractual negotiating delays, bureaucratic paperwork delays, approval process delays, or even delays caused by Mother Nature herself.  These delays could be days, months, or sometimes years.  When items like these do happen, the project manager negotiates a new schedule.   However, dates are not the only thing that might change. (more…)


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Schematic Design SketchSo, you’re ready to create a new exhibit for your site. Congratulations! That realization is probably both exciting and daunting! There is a lot that goes into the planning, design, and implementation of an interpretive exhibit. Below, I list 12 steps to follow when creating a new exhibit. They will keep you on track as you move through the planning through celebration phases. (more…)


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Green Sustainable Nature Center Exhibits Natural history exhibits used to be cases full of dead butterflies on pins. The visitor had the privilege of trying to decipher spidery, faded, handwritten labels giving only Latin names and no interpretation. In the past 50 years, exhibits have evolved tremendously, and now the visitor is the focus. Exhibits are based upon the visitor experience and how a message is communicated. Nature centers themselves have also evolved, leaving behind the wood paneled outbuildings and becoming well designed architectural showpieces. As the design of the building has become both more visible and intentional, clients have also sought out features that are sustainable. (more…)


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Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to offer your opinion of someone else’s work? Were you comfortable offering criticism? As the art director of an exhibit design-build firm, it is my responsibility to ensure a high level of quality is maintained so offering constructive feedback is a major part of my job. For others, however, I understand they may not be as comfortable offering their opinions on others’ work. (more…)


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Custom Exhibits: Why do the Cost so Much?

Exhibit Costs Can Be Confusing

Museum exhibit fabrication costs can be confusing.  Clients can be aghast and dismayed that a Pileated Wood Pecker model can cost over $2,000 and a flying Great Blue Heron can cost over $6,000.  Fabrication costs come down to the difference between customization and mass production.  You can buy customized cabinets for your home or you can buy mass produced ones.  There is a big price difference. (more…)

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