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Places to visit in St. Louis during AMMEvery year, the Association of Midwest Museums, holds an annual conference and this year, it’s being held in St. Louis. I grew up in southern Illinois and spent more time in St. Louis than anyone else I knew. By the time I was sixteen, my parents were comfortable enough with my ability to get around the city by myself that I was allowed to go alone. (Growing up in a rural community, some people thought think that was is crazy). While I’ve never lived in St. Louis (not for lack of desire), I do have my favorite spots and I thought I would share a few of them for those of you who may be visiting the Gateway to the West next week. (more…)


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Taylor Studios - Sketchbook 6Yes, Sketchbook 6, the latest addition in our sketchbook (brochure) series is here! Our sketchbooks have become somewhat of a collector’s item over the years. How many from the series have you collected? All five, maybe? Take a picture with your Sketchbook collection (has to be originals and not downloaded versions) and post it to our Facebook wall then I’ll send you Sketchbook 6 along with a coffee mug or t-shirt or something else equally cool! If you don’t have the back issues, you can download them or if you’d like a snazzy hardcopy of 4, 5, or 6, email me (kvanskike (at) taylorstudios (dot) com) your address and I’ll be happy to mail one to you (sorry all out of 1 and 2).

A Different Approach

Taylor Studios, Inc. has been on a fantastic Journey over the past 23 years and this Sketchbook shows some of our ‘greatest hits’ from the past four years (that’s how long its been since Sketchbook 5 was introduced!). While keeping with the Sketchbook theme, we changed things up a bit this time around. The most obvious change, aside from the sleeker dark color, is that it’s formatted in landscape rather than portrait. On the inside, you’ll find stories about TSI, many of our recent projects and a QR code which will explain some of the subtle references to…well, I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and join the Journey online!


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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Meet the Staff Monday, but with three new faces, we thought this was a great opportunity!  Please welcome Kate, Molly, and Matthew! (more…)


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Spin Sucks February 2009. Do you know what is special about that particular month? It’s the month this blog, Behind the Scenes with Taylor Studios, launched. A few months after that February, I met Gini Dietrich at a seminar she gave in Indianapolis about social media called, Social Media Boot Camp: Making Sense of it All. Gini is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich and the brains behind “Spin Sucks” a PR blog aiming to change the perception of public relations. As Gini says, “we’re [not] all spin doctors, liars, party planners, club hoppers, and magicians.” She told me when we met she had a goal of writing a book. While it’s taken a little longer than I think she anticipated, (in her defense she coauthored another book, survived a recession, reorganized her company, and grew the “Spin Sucks” blog to one with over 45,000 monthly readers) her book, Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age, is here! (more…)


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5 Points for a Fabulous & Functional Infographic First off, let’s define an infographic, an infographic organizes information visually in an interesting and relevant way in an effort to gain and hold the audiences’ attention until that information is consumed and understood. It’s not just a matter of simply adding color to copy or little icons here and there—a true infographic should have visual merit that reinforces the content. So how can we make successful infographics? Here are five tips to guide you! (more…)

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