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approach hiring an exhibit designer like online dating

Wanted: Exhibit Designer

You have spent the last four to ten years fundraising for new exhibits. You’ve written so many grant proposals your head is swimming. Finally, the time has come!  You have the green light to start designing your exhibit space.

So what do you do now?  I imagine choosing a design firm is a rather daunting task. You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” or “What are the qualifications I should look for in a firm?(more…)


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Taylor Studios - Sketchbook 6Yes, Sketchbook 6, the latest addition in our sketchbook (brochure) series is here! Our sketchbooks have become somewhat of a collector’s item over the years. How many from the series have you collected? All five, maybe? Take a picture with your Sketchbook collection (has to be originals and not downloaded versions) and post it to our Facebook wall then I’ll send you Sketchbook 6 along with a coffee mug or t-shirt or something else equally cool! If you don’t have the back issues, you can download them or if you’d like a snazzy hardcopy of 4, 5, or 6, email me (kvanskike (at) taylorstudios (dot) com) your address and I’ll be happy to mail one to you (sorry all out of 1 and 2).

A Different Approach

Taylor Studios, Inc. has been on a fantastic Journey over the past 23 years and this Sketchbook shows some of our ‘greatest hits’ from the past four years (that’s how long its been since Sketchbook 5 was introduced!). While keeping with the Sketchbook theme, we changed things up a bit this time around. The most obvious change, aside from the sleeker dark color, is that it’s formatted in landscape rather than portrait. On the inside, you’ll find stories about TSI, many of our recent projects and a QR code which will explain some of the subtle references to…well, I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and join the Journey online!


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“Praxis,” meaning: “theory in action.”

In other words, “putting your money where your mouth is.”

In school, I spent a good chunk of time becoming well-acquainted with the theory of constitutive rhetoric – basically, it’s a communicative strategy that goes beyond persuasion to motivate people to do something, whether it is to join a cause, vote a certain way, buy a product, etc.. I came to this out of my deep interest in geography, maps, and the cultural implications of both. In most cases, borders are nothing more than arbitrary, invisible lines on paper that act to delineate people and property into their established space. But what does constitutive rhetoric have to do with maps? I have argued that while boundaries may separate, they may also serve to unite; to construct community. After all, those who reside within borders have a common interest in the health and vitality of that space, and who better to protect those interests than those who live them? (more…)


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What Makes a Good Client? Recently, an old friend and several time past client stopped by Taylor Studios for a visit. He suggested I blog about what we need from a good client. I believe he was thinking of things like the photos and other resources a client provides during the course of the project. Another client told me he wished he had been gathering these types of resources years before he began working with us. If he had only known to gather photos, quotes, facts, and more ahead of time it would have saved him time and enhanced the project. I certainly have criteria for a good client, like paying on time. I walked around today and asked some of my staff what they want and need from a client. The overall theme was conscientiousness. Here are some details: (more…)


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Engaging Nature Center and Museum Visitors through Social Networks Some of you probably read the title and immediately thought to yourself (or perhaps out loud startling your officemate) “Of course I am! I run a museum (or a nature center or a visitor center) and that’s our main objective.” I’m sure that’s true inside your four walls, but I’m wondering if you’re engaging your audience outside – in the land of the internet. (more…)

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