Community Experience Plans

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At Taylor Studios, we see opportunities for storytelling at every street corner. From signage, sidewalks and festivals to public art and pamphlets, a powerful mix of media can both capture and create a community’s distinctive character. But how can such diverse elements tell a cohesive story? A Community Experience Plan can help you home in on what makes your hometown tick, revealing its unique strengths and treasures to residents and visitors alike. Created in collaboration with key local leaders, this comprehensive placemaking tool serves as a framework for advancing these community development goals:
  • Boost tourism and associated revenues
  • Showcase your local history and cultural assets
  • Enhance aesthetic character and curb appeal
  • Strengthen local quality of life and property values
  • Stimulate economic development or revitalization
  • Promote civic engagement and volunteerism
Your CEP clearly spells out not only the vision for your community, but the steps required to bring it to life. Engaged citizens, eager visitors and a vibrant economy are the telltale signs of a community who tells its story with a clear, unified voice. These successes themselves become the next chapters of a proud local legacy. Call us at (217) 893-4874 to learn more, or click here to download a sample CEP.