Fort Totten Interpretive Center

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How do you create an engaging, state-of-the-art interpretive center in an old 19th century military building? How do you tell the varied history of the many peoples and cultures who called the site home and truly connect to today’s modern visitor in a personal and meaningful way? The answer – creativity, sensitivity, attention to detail, and exhibits that utilize diverse learning methods. At Fort Totten Interpretive Center, each visitor’s experience is tailored to their unique personality. The fort’s complex and fascinating history is told through the eyes of multiple different characters, whom visitors are matched to according to personality and choice. The characters lead visitors through a path of hands-on discovery, engaging them with interactive and multisensory experiences that teach the unique history of the area and of the many peoples who have called Fort Totten home. Special attention is given to preserving and presenting the rich oral histories of the Dakota tribe, whose story has often been forgotten. Engaging and personal exhibits utilize first-person narratives, allowing Fort Totten’s people – past and present – to reach out to visitors in their own words.