Gettysburg National Military Park Cyclorama Diorama

Gettysburg, PA
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Can you drop your visitors into the center of the Battle of Gettysburg? Try using modern technology to restore the cyclorama experience that opened for the first time in Gettysburg in 1913. Our role in this $12M renovation was to create the massive three-dimensional diorama and supporting replicas. This project was 9,341 square foot of groundform themed to match the refurbished surrounding mural. To ship 40 tons in 565 individual blocks took 18 semis and a lot of reassembly on-site in a cramped and bustling space. Not only did we have to match everything in the mural from bridges to foliage, but it also had to have the structural support system to hold a 2,000 pound canon replica. To be a part of a project of this scope and importance takes artistic talent and immense coordination and project management skills. When you want art and business combined, call us.