Lincoln Heritage Museum

Lincoln, IL
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How do you create an awesome visitor experience, on a limited budget, about a famous historic person when seemingly countless exhibits on the same topic exist within the range of 100 miles? You create a daring, one-of-a-kind theatrical presentation that takes visitors with Lincoln on his hypothetical “life review.” This approach allows visitors to enter Lincoln’s dreamscape that incorporates audio, visual, and interactive pieces throughout a surreal multimedia presentation. For visitors with alternative learning styles, a second more traditional gallery includes movable elegant cases, artifacts, and a timeline. The result? Visitors are engrossed, immersed and enthralled. Roger Billings, a Lincoln author and scholar, said “My favorite part, it may come as a surprise, is when you start out in the beginning with Lincoln being shot. Then you realize that Lincoln is going to spend the next nine hours with us as he is unconscious …. I’m almost tearing up right now, I got teared up then. I thought ‘oh my God’ we’re going to go through his life as he might have remembered it. Imagining that we’re going through his life with him. That was one perfect thing for me.”