Logoly State Park

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How do you make an exhibit experience truly unique for a park, museum, or nature center that wants to stand out? How do you create a sense of wonder and excitement that visitors will never forget? And how do you engage many different types of learners? The answer – a creative and innovative approach that is also diverse in how it engages visitors. At Logoly State Park, visitors “enter” a storybook to intimately discover the story of the Logoly forest. With whimsy and wonder, they are introduced to interactive, multisensory activities that invite them to see, hear, smell, and touch as they make their way through the different “chapters.” They learn about the site’s wildlife and rich environmental resources through media as diverse as hands-on interactives, multisensory stations, live animal enclosures, “discovery areas,” and beautiful mural-sized graphics. Whether peering into the large aquarium wall, creating art and poetry at the “discovery table,” or exploring science at the “citizens science station,” visitors discover the unique natural history of Logoly State Park – all the while immersed in an atmosphere of whimsical storytelling.