The Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning State Park

Austin, PA
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How does one integrate four previously created interpretive plans and staff consensus? Add to this challenge - site, region, and state goals; and a directive to draw visitors to a highly remote location.  One does so by utilizing an excellent, inclusive planning process and reveal the interpretive story in layers. Sinnemahoning’s exhibit experience emphasizes the region’s incredible wildlife watching opportunities. Imagine the tranquility of a suspended wave of migrating butterflies, or your surprise at a bear reaching for a beehive above your head. You may not believe that this region was once laid bare by poor lumber practices. The beauty and history of the region is communicated without words through A/V, expansive murals, dioramas, hands-on experiences, maps, and more. At night the exhibits transform the visitor center into an evening oasis, complete with a symphony of nighttime critters and glowing lightning bugs. If you haven’t already explored the park’s over 1,900 acres of beautiful scenery this expansive and interpretive exhibit experience will make you enthusiastic to do so.