Nine Business Development Objectives You Can Use – 2017 Edition

Taylor Studios is rooted in business and creativity. In addition to processes and procedures, all areas of TSI are propelled by goals and objectives. This begins with the company as

Be Careful What You Pay for When Hiring an Exhibit Partner

If you were about to build a home would you go to a contractor and say “I want a 3,000 square foot house. How much will that cost?” We occasionally

How Do Museums Celebrate Women?

In February, we celebrated Black History Month. Now, we honor another group of Americans – a group that in fact makes up half of our population! March is Women’s History

How to Create New Revenue Streams for Your Cultural Site – Part Two

Your organization’s financial needs are ongoing—even when resources are limited. Public funding can be fickle, here one day and gone the next. And you can only ask your loyal donor

How To Get The Exhibits You Want With Low Bid

You can bet that most celebrated actresses walking down the red carpet at the latest awards gala didn’t choose their apparel designer on cost only.  In his blog, Jason asks

How to Create New Revenue Streams for your Cultural Site

“Multiple Streams of Income.” It became something of a mantra during the last economic recession and the advent of the gig economy, but it’s also good practice for museums and

The Magic Formula to a Life Long Friendship

  Last night Joe and Dawn Taylor came over to share pizza. Breaking bread with them is a usual thing to do. We hang out. We are there for each

Why You Need to Pay Attention in February

February is Black History Month, a perfect time for museums and education centers to celebrate African American history, art, and culture. The African American story is the American story, and

How Can Your Choice of Cabinets Save You Money?

Cabinets play a pivotal role in most spaces, both commercial and residential. Restaurants, hotels, classrooms, kitchens, laboratories, corporate offices, common areas, and more. They’re a permanent fixture that contribute to

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Kym Rice

Kym Rice, PhD, is the Director and Chair of George Washington University’s Museum Studies Department and a member and former co-chair of AAM’s Committee on Museum Professional Training. She is