Experts  in the Field: Lessons from Tim Merriman

Established planner, leader, and interpretation veteran, Tim Merriman takes the time to share some of his career experience with us this week. You may know Tim from the several books

Have You Made an Unforgettable Impact on Your Visitors?

One Unforgettable Summer: A Baptism in Interpretation at Gettysburg National Military Park As this holiday weekend approaches, so does the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. As such, I thought

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Greg Hunter

Continuing the theme, Great Outdoors Month, Taylor Studios brings you another expert in the field—this time, the literal one! Please stay tuned as we continue to talk with interpreters, educators, scientists, resource officers

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Kelly Farrell

The month of June is Great Outdoors Month and we are thrilled to feature an interview with Kelly Farrell–Chief of Interpretation & Program Services for Arkansas State Parks. With a

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Stephen Brusatte

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Dr. Stephen Brusatte – Chancellor’s Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology   Dr. Stephen Brusatte is Chancellor’s Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology at the University of Edinburgh.

Can Your Community Plan to Make Better Use of Parks?

Nearly all contemporary community plans emphasize green space and natural areas, including local parks. How can your community plan to get the most bang for their buck with parks? Take

How to Create Military Exhibits That Will Make an Impact

Every year, Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty military. We live in a wonderful country and have the freedom to explore nature, visit

Can Animals Help Your Visitors Feel Empathy?

How do you combine empathy, a story and remember those who served in our military forces? The American Alliance of Museum Conference was last week. Much of the discussion was

Experts in the Field: Lessons from Director Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce is the Executive Director at Kenosha Public Museums in Wisconsin and a renowned military historian and archaeologist. He runs The Civil War Museum, quick becoming one of the

Five Ways to Get Exactly What You Want from Your Exhibit Fabricator

Exhibits aren’t cheap. You know that. But how can you ensure that you get what you want–what you expect–for your money? Here are some tips that may help you clarify