Exhibit Sticker Shock

20150813-exhibit-icebergMany first time exhibit purchasers have experienced a sort of sticker shock when purchasing new exhibits: “Wow! I could build multiple homes for what it costs to fill my exhibit space!” Their shock is completely understandable. A home is probably the single most expensive item that a person buys in a lifetime and now they are looking at paying many times more than that to create exhibits to place inside a much smaller area in an already constructed building. However, when you take a closer look it makes a lot of sense.Continue Reading

Ten Year Warranty

Ten Year WarrantyWho out there loves a good warranty? If you’re like me, when you buy something there’s an expectation that it will last longer than a year. Most of the time retailers will offer an extended warranty for a few extra dollars to extend the warranty a few years out. Just the other night I purchased a power drill and was offered an extended 2-year warranty (no questions asked for total replacement) for a total of $4.00. To me it was a no brainer to pay the four bucks. Knowing that the product you just purchased is backed by the maker makes you feel good about the money you spent and might even contribute to brand loyalty.Continue Reading

Can Museums, Nature Centers and Visitor Serving Organizations Offer Healing Environments?

In a recent version of AIA’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities, access to nature is recommended.  All Planetree Designated Hospitals incorporate nature as part of their healing environments. Healthcare is seeing growing consumer engagement, requirements on patient satisfaction and the creation of healing environments in place of the old monolithic hospitals of our past.  Healthcare must connect the demands of body, mind and spirit in order to meet these modern demands. Adding nature as part of the healing environment seems like common sense.Continue Reading