Holliday Park and Nature Center: A Fundraising Success Story

We loved the exhibit that was designed and built for installation at the Holliday Park Nature Center and we were thrilled when we ran across this visitor experience article. The

Horicon Marsh Visitor Center: A Fundraising Success Story

Oftentimes, when Taylor Studios, Inc. designs exhibits for an interpretive center, we pause before finishing the fabrication and installation stages of said project. There are many reasons for pausing, i.e.,

Matching Your Project to the Right Funding Source

One of the most challenging parts of obtaining grant funding can be matching the goals of the funder to your project. Done correctly, the process results in a mutually beneficial,

Illumination Lights Up Attendance at The Morton Arboretum

Today’s guest post is by Cindy Crosby, Interpretation Program Coordinator at The Morton Arboretum. How do you get visitors to come to an outdoor museum when it is dark, cold,

Good and Bad News for Museums and Parks and What to Do About It

The Good News The size and scope of museums and parks in the U.S. is quite impressive. 850 million people visited museums in 2012 292 million people visited national parks

Using Story to Develop a Twist on an Oft Told Topic

Topic: Abraham Lincoln Location: Illinois It doesn’t matter where in Illinois you find yourself—it seems that every Illinois town promotes its connection to our state’s most celebrated politician—Abraham Lincoln. Oftentimes,

How Museums and Parks Can Do More with Less Staff

Recently I asked several clients, “What is the biggest problem you are struggling with?” Several said budget cuts have meant less staff and recruiting is difficult. Many parks have lost

19 Reasons You Should Hire an Exhibit Design-Build Company with a Warranty

It reduces your risk. It reduces the need for time consuming investigation of who you hire. You avoid costly unforeseen repair costs. Peace of mind. You save money. It reassures

Kids Have the Darnedest Observations 2.0

Most years, Taylor Studios, Inc. presents a session at the NAI National Workshop. We develop our sessions with a focus on what the attendees may value. We ask the question,

The Complete Budgeting Starter-Kit

For the past two weeks our blog has focused establishing an overall exhibit budget for design-build projects and establishing a project schedule. This week we will focus on understanding how