How to Create a Healthy Culture

Is your museum or nature center healthy? How do you know? According to Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage, if your organization is healthy it has these characteristics: Minimal Politics Minimal

Four Areas of Focus to Help Hone New Staff

Did you read The RFP Template That Will Get You Results by Samantha earlier this month? I kind of wanted to steal the first paragraph! As employers, we want to

Can You Learn From Our Mistakes? Leadership Secrets That Will Help.

Throwback Thursday This month we’ve written about how to select an RFP partner, and still to come are tips on how to create a healthy culture and pointers for onboarding

The RFP Template That Will Get You Results

Writing an RFP can be overwhelming. In order to stand out and solicit contractors that fit your institution and project’s needs, you’ll need to prepare a well thought out document.

How to Secure the Perfect Exhibit Partner With an RFP

Your grant was awarded. Your fundraising efforts went astonishingly well. You’re ready to bring your dream of new exhibits to fruition. How are you going to take on such a

10 Steps to Handle a Mistake

*Throwback Thursday* Here we share insight on how we handled a…gulp… really big mistake. We employ this method to this day when we make mistakes, and offer this process to you

10 Powerful Reasons You Need Partnerships

Guest blog by Jay Miller Volunteers, sponsorships, and long-term partnerships are each a type of partnership. A primary characteristic of a partnership is that the relationship benefits both or all

Do You Want Four Times the Results for Your Museum?

Do you want four times the results? As the story goes, a single Belgian Draft horse can pull 8,000 pounds of weight. A team of these draft horses can pull

What is the Most Important Question for Small Museums to Ask?

What does IQ have to do with your small museum? Well, more than you might think. But first we need to define the terms “IQ” and “small museum”. The American

How to Put a Marine in a Museum

Many of you will be heading to DC next week to attend the Annual Meeting and Museum Expo by the American Alliance of Museums. Or perhaps you’ll make a summer