FLEX is a Four-letter Word

Flex Time PolicyNobody likes change.  Well, pretty much nobody.

A while back we asked our staff what we could do to continue making constant improvements around the workplace, and they responded with “offer flextime.” We cringed. How could we coordinate so many individuals’ schedules? How would we keep track of when people are here and not here? How in the world can we meet our deadlines with people working odd hours? This was a certain path to Continue Reading

Dioramas: A Dying Art Form?

Habitat Diorama at Horicon MarshAre Dioramas a Dying Art Form?

Nope. If done well, research says that they can “increase familiarity with a place, inspire a desire to visit it, and directly help visitors feel more connected to it.”

Is there someplace that you have never been, but feel connected to in some way? Maybe you feel a particular connection because of a book you read or a movie you saw?Continue Reading

One Man’s Trash…

Here at TSI, we have an abundance of “treasures.” This, of course, is directly related to what’s fun about what we do. Telling one story might require replicas of shark teeth while another could mandate glass eyeballs, turn of the century antiques, animal skins, or the ever popular poo model! Some stories mean shipping scarily realistic body parts via FedEx, and I don’t know how many times we’ve purchased urine scent specific to various critters.

Continue Reading