5 Things You Need to Know About Working With Your Board of Directors

Even the best projects can have difficulty getting buy-in from a Board of Directors, but just because the process is painstaking doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Board members often have

Four Good Books for the Curious and Creative

Leaders are readers. There is a perception that artists are the best at being creative. In reality anyone with a curious mind and hunger for knowledge can be creative. Reading

Visuals in the Workplace Can Make You and Your Team More Effective

In the 2002 article Read A Plant – Fast, R. Eugene Goodson describes his reaction to a report generated by a group of Japanese manufacturers who toured his company’s plant:

What You Need to Know to Grow and Lead Your Park

Leadership is not for the faint hearted. It’s easy to get voted off the island if you don’t constantly up your game. Leading doesn’t end with your direct reports, you

How to Create Graphics That Don’t Suck

Expanding on Chris’ post from last week regarding copywriting, this week we discuss best practices for exhibit graphic design.  From colors to fonts, there are many details to consider when

Secrets of Effective Copywriting Unlocked for You

Copywriting for interpretive exhibits is an art. Visitors go to museums and nature centers for education, but they also don’t want to be bored. Writing needs to be informative but

The Details You Need to Know About When Building Cabinets

When you look at a piece of furniture do you think of the planning and detail it takes to create? Probably not, yet it might surprise you how much there

How Important is Scientific Accuracy in Your Exhibits?

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet spot. Sit with your feet on the floor and your hands resting comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes, take a few deep

Why You Need Leaves More Than You Need Concrete

I thought that I must have misread the headline – a large health insurer pushing outdoors experiences rather than prescription drugs? This seemed novel, almost too commonsensical in our 21st

12 Remarkable Benefits That Nature Can Offer You

Next week we’ll be at the ANCA Summit (Association for Nature Center Administrators) at Audubon Center of the North Woods in Sandstone, MN. This will be our first time exhibiting