Four Ways to Engage Millennials at Your Museum

Millennials are the largest generation in history, making up more than ¼ of the current US population. This demographic shift has posed significant challenges for the museum industry, as millennials

A Revealing Look at What Causes Visitors to Read

“Visitors don’t read.” Are you surprised? Nowadays, it seems like people don’t even talk to each other in public, let alone read any available information. It’s difficult to do either

How to Offer Your Visitors Magic, Wonder and Connection

How do you engage a diverse audience? How do you adapt to stay relevant and keep audiences engaged? If you think your challenges are daunting, imagine having one of the

Improve Your Exhibits With Secrets From the Experts!

Want to improve your exhibits? If you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to figure out how, download our free resource guide to better exhibits. If you have a

Make Your Own Museum Flipbooks

You have an organization problem. The collection of White Oak bark photos adhered to your wood paneled wall are fading in the afternoon sun. The rings holding the dividers in

DIY Museum Graphics

YOU can create effective interpretive graphics for your facility, even when your budget is small or you lack design resources! We are often challenged with telling a story and redesigning

Make Your Own Interpretive Plan

So you’ve just finished construction on your brand new visitor center. Maybe you’re opening another park within your district. Perhaps you have an exhibit in need of a facelift. You’re

Do It Yourself Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Many nature centers, museums and visitor centers want to create their own exhibits or have changeable exhibits. Our client Anita Purves Nature Center had us design and build exhibits for

Holliday Park and Nature Center: A Fundraising Success Story

We loved the exhibit that was designed and built for installation at the Holliday Park Nature Center and we were thrilled when we ran across this visitor experience article. The