Why Sustainable Design Matters

As the in-house LEED Green Associate, I am beginning monthly sessions with our design department to keep our designers up to speed on sustainability issues. The first subject in this series is green building basics. Below you will find a short outline of facts making the case for why green building, or sustainable design, matters.Continue Reading

We Need to Talk

Communication FlowchartCommunication is key for keeping a project on schedule, in budget, and successful overall. But with so many moving parts sometimes it can be difficult to keep things straight. At Taylor Studios we keep things organized by assigning each project a specific project manager to guiding the project. We also require our clients to have a similar communicator on their end to reduce the potential for miss or missed communication.

In hopes of keeping communication smooth and effective, we’ve created a handy, simplified, graphic to help our clients determine what line of communication to follow for any given need. We look forward to hearing from you soon!Continue Reading