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Taylor Studios Inc. Green Business Certification

‘Green’ Not Simply a Color

In the last fifteen years, ‘green’ has become a very common adjective. While I would like to think it has some relation to sustainability and environmental stewardship, no one is policing the use of the word. This has led to problems like greenwashing, in which a company with no commitment to sustainability decides to play up the only aspect of its product that isn’t harmful to the environment, and then slaps the label ‘green’ on it. One answer to greenwashing is making ‘green’ mean something, creating a standard to live up to.




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8 Points to Renew Internal Motivation

Internal Motivation Renewed

Last fall I read the Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.  I also recently finished Drive by Dan Pink.  They’re a pretty good pair back to back. They both helped me renew and refresh some internal motivation.  I shared a synopsis with my department and thought others may find some of the takeaways motivating as well. (more…)


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Nine Point Exhibit Design Punch List

Constant Improvement

At Taylor Studios, we believe in constant improvement.  This may mean anything from better internal communication to creating better experiences for museum visitors.  Our Art Director, Jason Cox, has been working on improving communication between his office and the design department. Through his efforts to improve how projects are presented, came clarity in expectations.   (more…)


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Building Relationships In our business, success is not measured by how well you can design.  Nor is it measured by how well you can fabricate or project manage a project. It’s measured by how well you listen and consider your clients’ opinions, wants, and needs.  Building relationships is, in my opinion, one of the most important and rewarding things you can do. (more…)


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Turkey Run State Park - Indiana

Have you ever said something thoughtless to someone and thought it was perfectly harmless only to find out later you hurt them?  This summer my boyfriend, his daughters, and I went hiking at Turkey Run State Park(more…)

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