‘Green’ Not Simply a Color In the last fifteen years, ‘green’ has become a very common adjective. While I would like to think it has some relation to sustainability and

Internal Motivation Renewed Last fall I read the Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.  I also recently finished Drive by Dan Pink.  They’re a pretty good pair back to back. They

Constant Improvement At Taylor Studios, we believe in constant improvement.  This may mean anything from better internal communication to creating better experiences for museum visitors.  Our Art Director, Jason Cox,

In our business, success is not measured by how well you can design.  Nor is it measured by how well you can fabricate or project manage a project. It’s measured

Have you ever said something thoughtless to someone and thought it was perfectly harmless only to find out later you hurt them?  This summer my boyfriend, his daughters, and I

Well Thought-out Design I once owned a SUV that really impressed me from a design standpoint.  You might think this is laughable, but the one thing that surprised me the

The Economics of Happiness Recently, I read an article by Steve Faktor, CEO of IdeaFaktory, called The Economics of Happiness.  He makes some great points about our culture and why

I have been thinking a lot lately about leadership.  I’ve wondered about how I am doing, what else do I want to improve, and so forth.  I have forewarned my

Meetings often get a bad rap.  We sometimes hear from clients and friends at other companies that meetings are a waste of valuable time because nothing is accomplished.  If that

I’ve just begun reading a book by Karl Pillemer, PhD called “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans.” As you might guess, Pillemer identifies the