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How much time does a design-build project takeClients are often surprised by how much of their time it takes to complete a design-build interpretive exhibit project.  Most clients have their heart in the project and want to be involved, but underestimate how much time they need to devote to it. In a way, it’s like building a home. You still have to do your day job, (more…)


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Diversity This week, I tuned in to the live recording of “How Innovation Happens” presented at SXSW, the music, film and interactive festival in Austin, TX held annually. I was really drawn in by not only the discussion of the value of diversity in creating innovative and breakthrough advances, but also how biases can stagnate that process, so I decided to delve deeper. (more…)


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Structure in a Creative FirmImagination and creativity are endless, however budgets and schedules are not. No matter how creative or revolutionary an exhibit idea is, it is not beneficial if the budget or schedule constraints are such that the exhibit cannot be realistically paid for or completed on time. Adding structure to the creative process ensures these limitations are not overlooked. (more…)


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Taylor Studios, Inc.In the early years, Taylor Studios, was often a subcontract fabricator of other firms in the industry. Most of the time, other fabricators came to us to get bids for scenic work. Occasionally, a design-only firm would bring us on as their builder. In both of these scenarios, we were relied on heavily to do the final construction drawings or to figure out how you could build some very unique components.

From the start of the business, we had clients ask us to design their exhibits. For example, in the late 90’s we designed five galleries covering Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, Europe, The Americas, and The Ancient Mediterranean for The Spurlock Museum. Even earlier than that, a client like The Children’s Museum of Illinois would asked us what we could design and build within a very limited budget. It was more expensive for them to put a small exhibit like Our Body Our House out to more than one firm. (more…)


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Video: What Does Exhibit Design-Build Mean to You?A video in which Exhibit Designers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers, and Fabricators talk about what exhibit design-build means to them. What comes to mind when you think about exhibit design-build?  (more…)

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